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S01E10 Katherine Foster
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Katherine has been spearheading systems innovation at the nexus of technology, policy, climate change and sustainable development for over 25 years. She served as a Canadian Diplomat, specializing in human security, the NAFTA Environmental Agreement and Climate Change, and as Innovation Lead Switzerland and Business Development Lead Europe for the EU’s Climate-KIC. Katherine has served as an advisor, coach and facilitator to many global impact initiatives, In her most recent roles as Chief Intelligence Officer of the Green Digital Finance Alliance and Strategy Officer of Open Earth Foundation, Katherine has been focusing on harnessing emerging technology, open innovation and collaborative platforms and tools for the systemic issues of climate change, energy and biodiversity loss.

In this interview, Katherine does a great job at challenging the notion that the consumer is the one to make all the sustainable choices. She believes that the onus needs to also be placed on government leadership and corporations to integrate new policies and finding new ways to do business.