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S01E11 Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
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The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell is the 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. As the representative of Her Majesty The Queen, Ms. Dowdeswell carries out constitutional and ceremonial duties and facilitates healthy citizen and community engagement. Since taking office in late 2014, Ms. Dowdeswell has challenged Ontarians to think deeply about their role not just as residents of a province, but as global citizens. Building resilience and sustainability through inclusive economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social cohesion, as well as safeguarding democracy, has been the focus of her mandate.

Having Her Honourable on the podcast was a big deal for us. She is someone who has lived a life of curiosity and pursuit. She’s an active listener and that’s what makes her so great in every role she’s taken on. If there’s one takeaway from this interview, and there’s many, it’s that in order to do great things, it requires partnership and collaboration towards a common goal.

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