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S01E09 Ben Sehl
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Ben Sehl is the Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer at Kotn, an eco-friendly clothing brand that started with a simple dream, perfecting the white tee. Now they offer a whole line of apparel, fund social impact projects and provide private subsidies for over 700 farms in Egypt. Ben primarily focuses on digital product strategy, but he has also worked in a bunch of other sectors within the functions of graphic design, brand strategy, data analysis, web development, and customer experience. Outside of Kotn, he advises a few early-stage companies on their digital strategy, and he's working on his building his own side project with his friend David.

Ben's perspective on impact and business is one we preach with all our clients. He believes that sustainability needs to be a natural byproduct of how you do business. It's not something you can just strap on, it has to be a core aspect of who you are.

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